About Bountiful Baskets Protein Buying Club

Bountiful Baskets Protein is a buying club that focuses on meat and is part of Beyond Bountiful, Inc.  This is a wonderful resource for people who want to have clean meat for less money.

Reasons to Participate

  • You want to get great deals
  • You like eating meat that is clean and doesn’t have additives
  • You want to encourage responsible and animal friendly production practices

How Bountiful Baskets Protein Works

  • Keep your eyes on your email
  • Use this website to purchase product(s)
  • Do it by the deadline
  • Arrive at the time and place you have chosen to pick up your items


Items Not Picked Up during the 20 minute pick up window will be left on the truck and unavailable to you.

We are unable to hold perishable items outside of the frozen trailer. Please arrive on-time! If you are not there to pick up your items your will receive a credit back to your credit/debit card less a $15 per item restocking fee.


Purchase Changes

We can not make changes to any finalized purchase.



There are no returns.  You may refuse an item on site. You will receive a credit back to your credit/debit card within 4 – 6 weeks.



Any credit due to unavailability of an item you purchased will be put on the debit or credit you used to make the purchase. This will be done within 4 – 6 weeks of the issue being submitted by the Site Coordinator.


To see if a credit has been processed please review your credit or debit card statement. If there is any question after that please email customerservice@BountifulBasketsProtein.com


Weights & Measures

The best effort is made to ensure accuracy, however weights and measures are approximate, and not guaranteed accurate