It’s my first time picking up. Any Do’s and Don’ts?


  • Come a couple minutes early!
  • Bring your receipt.
  • Stay in your vehicle.
  • Line up with the other customers.
  • Be ready to pop the trunk or tell the team where you want your case for the item to be placed inside
  • Pull over near by to look at your items and come back immediately if there is any problem.


  • Hesitate to ask questions!

So No Hesitating, jump right in and get involved!

What happens if I don’t pickup my Bountiful Baskets Protein?
Your Bountiful Baskets Protein items will stay on the truck and you will receive a credit back less the $15 restocking fee.
Can I schedule a different day or time to pick-up my Bountiful Baskets Protein?
Your Bountiful Baskets Protein has to be picked up on the day and time that you selected. If you are unable to pick it up, you may send someone else with your receipt to get it for you! If you can’t remember what you chose you can check your Receipt.
What if I can’t pick-up my Bountiful Basket? Can I have someone else pick it up for me?
If you are unable to come get your Bountiful Baskets Protein you may send someone else with your receipt to get it for you!
When I pick-up my Bountiful Baskets Protein how do they know what to give me?
The Site Coordinator has a report that shows what you have contributed for. Be sure to bring your Receipt just in case there are any discrepancies.
Who do I contact if I have a problem with my Bountiful Basket?
If you notice something amiss with the basket while you are at the site please discuss it with the Site Coordinator. If you have gone home already please email CustomerService@BountifulBasketsProtein.com
When can I make a purchase for my Bountiful Baskets Protein?
  • You will receive an email when there is an offering that is pertinent for your area!
What happens if I miss the cut off date?
Be sure to watch your email for notes from us a bit more closely!
What happens if I don’t see my site in the drop down list?
Your area may not currently have that particular item available.  Please keep your eyes on your email to find out when you will!
How do I know the protein I get in the Bountiful Baskets Protein is safe to eat, it’s not like I am getting it from the grocery store?
There are many ways that we ensure your safety.
– All protein is distributed frozen
– The trailer is set to 0 degrees so that things always stay cold and the refrigeration unit runs continuously.  
– There are multiple temperature monitors within the trailer that are independent from the trailers refrigeration system specifically to ensure the temperature of the protein.
What if none of the pickup sites are close to my home, will you deliver?
No, however some of our items are mail order items so hang on tight and wait for those. 
What if I don’t have a credit or debit card to use to get my Bountiful Baskets Protein? Can I pay cash the morning of?
At this time the only way to order is by credit/debit card online. People are having success by having a friends/neighbors make the purchase for you if you don’t have internet or a debit or credit card.
What if I make a purchase and find out I won’t be in town that week. Can I cancel?
No, unfortunately once your purchase has been made we cannot make any changes. Please make arrangements with a friend, family member, or neighbor to pickup your Bountiful Baskets Protein!
How do I know where exactly I pick-up my order at? What if I can’t find the pick-up location?
Use the address listed on the website when you make your purchase.  Also, a volunteer will call the number on your account if you are running late. They can help you! Be sure you use your cell phone for your account just in case you are ever late!
I already made my purchase and just noticed there was a site that was closer to my house. May I change sites?
Not for this time. Once you have entered your debit or credit card information then your purchase is finalized and can not be changed. We are glad that you found a site that is closer to your home though. It will make the co-op so much more convenient next time!